Give Your Barbecue Catered Event An International Flair With These 4 Ideas

Posted on: 19 October 2015


Barbecue catering has become a popular option for all kinds of catered events, even weddings. It's easy to see why. Barbecue is an option that you can be sure that most of your guests are familiar with and will enjoy. Barbecue appeals to a wide range of tastes. And barbecue is different from the expected fare at a catered event, so it can come as a pleasant surprise for your guests. You can put a unique twist on your barbecue menu and give your event an international flair by taking your cue from barbecue traditions from around the world.

South African Barbecue

You can start by borrowing some recipes from South African barbecue cuisine, known locally as braai. Braai dates back to 17th century spit-roasts, and it takes different forms in different South African regions. On the Southern cape coast and the East coast, braais are likely to involve barbecued fish – including barracuda and yellowtail wrapped in banana leaves before grilling. In the central part of the country, mutton and lamb are more likely to be on the menu. Spices like cardamom, ginger, and garlic make South African Barbecue cuisine unique.

The spit roast method of cooking that characterizes South African barbecue can also work for vegetarian options as well. Roast pumpkin, squash, turnips, and carrots, as well as fruits like apples and pineapples. This will give your non-meat-eating guests some sweet and savory options.

Korean Barbecue

Korean barbecue is fun because the meat is usually grilled at the diners' table, making it both entertaining and delicious. In restaurants, the charcoal or gas grill used to cook the food is built right into the table itself. This may not be an option in a rented dining hall, but you can use portable stoves that allow the chefs to go from table to table, or simply set up a Korean barbecue station.

Korean barbecue can include beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. However, the most well-recognized Korean barbecue dishes are bulgolgi, which is made from thick-sliced beef sirloin, and galbi, which are marinated beef short ribs. Mushrooms, eggplant, sweet potatoes, peppers, and potatoes can be marinated and grilled Korean-style to provide vegetarian options.

Argentinian Barbecue

Argentinian barbecue, also called asado, usually features a variety of sausages and sweetbreads in addition to steaks and ribs, which should help to distinguish it from other forms of barbecue. Asado is typically grilled over a charcoal fire. The charcoal should be laid out in a rectangular shape with nothing in the middle. The meat is cooked over the empty middle area, to avoid ending up with smoky-flavored meat.

Argentinian asado is spiced only with barbecue salt, and marinated with fernet, a bitter herbal liquor that's sometimes mixed with cola to add sweetness and even out the flavor. Provolone cheese, wrapped in tinfoil with herbs and peppers and grilled, is often served alongside the meat.

American Barbecue

Why not round out your international barbecue cuisine with some American barbecue staples? Serve the South African, Korean, and Argentinian meats as main dishes, and use American favorites as sides and hors d'oeuvres.

Serve macaroni and cheese shooters and tiny burgers on spears as appetizers. Set up a mashed potato bar with a range of toppings and gravies. Offer gourmet versions of common sides like coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad. Serve watermelon slices for desert. And don't forget the sweet iced tea – there are plenty of iced tea-based cocktails that go perfectly with the barbecue theme.

No matter what your next catered event happens to be, an international barbecue will be sure to have your guests talking about the food the next day. For more information work with experienced event catering services in your area.