4 Features to Look for When Hiring a Catering Company to Service Your Upcoming Event

Posted on: 4 February 2019


Hiring a catering company to serve guests food at your upcoming event will help make the planning and execution of your event less stressful and more convenient overall. Here are a few notable features to look for when choosing a catering company to work with.

Tasting Consultations

One important feature that the catering company you hire should offer is tasting consultations. Before choosing a menu to have served at your event, you should have an opportunity to taste all of the menu options to ensure that they meet the taste, texture, and quality standards that you expect. If you can't see and taste the food ahead of time, how will you know whether it will be satisfactory to your guests when your event takes place?

Just because a catering company says they're experts at creating and serving high-quality food doesn't mean that you'll agree with them. So make sure that the catering company you hire is up to par by tasting their food before committing to a menu.

Customization Options

It's also important to make sure that the catering company you decide to hire is able and willing to customize the dishes that they'll be serving at your event. If a dish that you choose to have served contains a lot of garlic and you want the garlic eliminated, your caterer should have no problem accommodating your request.

And if you want to add extra protein or substitute certain vegetables in a dish, your caterer should be able to get the job done. While you should not expect to be able to completely revamp a menu item, you should be able to make small ingredient and seasoning changes without a problem. Make sure to look for a custom catering company.

Plant-Based Dishes

More and more people are choosing to adopt plant-based diets in today's world, so it's a good idea to make sure that your caterer can serve at least one completely plant-based dish to ensure that every one of your event guests can enjoy a good meal. Whether it's braised tofu or chili beans, your vegetarian guests are sure to appreciate the ability to actually fill up on tasty food instead of having to settle for salad while everyone else gets to enjoy hearty dishes.

Cleanup Support

Cleaning up after your event can be made easier and less time-consuming by hiring a catering company that is willing to provide you with cleanup support. From making sure that dishes and utensils get washed and put away to cleaning up garbage and handling leftover food, your catering team should be willing to stick around for as long as it takes to ensure that your event space is just as clean as it was before the event started.